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“Doctors for Africa ev” was founded in 2007 in order to support the medical care system in West African Ghana, especially to improve the desperately needed urological care.
Our voluntary team includes physicians, nurses and enthusiastic friends of Africa from diverse professional areas.
We see it as our primary task to regularly visit our current six partner hospitals in teams of 2 to 3 persons. These visits are usually planned for 15 days, in which the team is offering consultations, treatment, and operations to patients that would otherwise not have access to urological care. In average we are aiming to visit each of our partner hospitals two times per year.
Our partner hospitals are:

    • St. Dominic ́s Hospital in Akwatia
    • Catholic Hospital in Battor
    • St. Anthony ́s Hospital in Dzodze
    • Margret Marquart Catholic Hospital Kpando
    • Holy Family Hospital in Nkawkaw
    • St. Joseph ́s Hospital in Jirapa


Here, you can find out the next scheduled visit of our team in the hospital in your neighborhood.

Visiting plan 2019

Visiting plan 2020

The screening of patients always starts on the first Friday of the mission. Please contact your local hospital in advance for an appointment. This will help us greatly to schedule consultation and screening hours.

We hope to sustain enhancement of urological care through our missions. Therefore, we train your local staff, and support their projects in order to improve urological and hygiene standards. In this way we can guarantee a long lasting, positive effect on the medical community outside the timeline of our presence.
Furthermore, we try to establish an independent, reliable, electric power supply, which is vital to guarantee the safety of our patients during operations and treatments throughout the local medical community.
For more information about our engagement, please contact us by mail info@die-aerzte-fuer-afrika.de.

Warum  „Die Ärzte für Afrika”

  • Operative Versorgung der Patienten mit urologischen Krankheitsbildern
  • Verbesserung der hygienischen Bedingungen
  • Anschaffung erforderlicher medizinischer Geräte
  • Nachhaltige Verbesserung der medizinisch-urologischen Versorgung

Unterstützen  Sie „Die Ärzte für Afrika”

  • Spendenkonto: Die Ärzte für Afrika e.V.
  • Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank
  • IBAN: DE 94300606010007744110

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die Ärzte für Afrika!

Mit jeder Spende helfen Sie, die medizinische Versorgung bedürftiger Menschen zu verbessern. Wir garantieren Ihnen, dass jeder Spendencent unmittelbar den Projekten in Afrika zugute kommt, denn die Verwaltungskosten des Vereins werden allein von den aktiven Mitgliedern getragen.


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